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Branch Members Facebook Group

This is a closed group available to Hornsby Branch members for posts and chat. Members of this group can post in the group and posts will only be seen by the group members. All members are encouraged to post and discuss issues freely among ourselves.

Council Updates from Within and Around and About

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year. Council business generally slows down over the holiday period, but a few people have brought up some ongoing local issues. Please pass this on to interested parties.

Hornsby Council Updates - Out and About with Mick Marr

Hope everyone is going ok in lockdown. Bit scary with over 400 reported Covid cases. Haven’t done a lot of Out and About but have had various discussions on Zoom and the phone.

Working People

The following motion was moved Mark Buttigieg and seconded Ken Kennan / Bill Saravinovski and carried unanimously at the Rockdale Branch meeting held on 27th February 2018. The Secretary of the Rockdale Branch Mark Buttigieg has asked that the motion be circulated to all ALP Branches and party units for adoption as policy at the upcoming NSW State Conference.